Rules for Candidates

1. There is no 'searching' process on Kilandaia. The Lodge will accept almost any bonding-hopeful who chooses to sign up, candidates and sponsors merely have to walk in and put their name on the appropriate list. For some clutches however there may be a background check to assure that only the best candidates are allowed to bond. In cases such as these there will be requirements posted in the Chamber Listing.

2. You must have a page ready for your dragon to live on. I'm okay with over PG ratings but anything above PG-13 should be clearly noted and kept to a tasteful level. Please include a link back to Kilandaia on your page.

3. You must have a character for the dragon to bond to (candidate/hopeful) or go home with (sponsor character). No agency sponsors will be accepted unless the agency sends a representative to care for the dragon.

4. There is no limit as to how many candidates any one person can send in. However, the more candidates you send, the less the likelihood they will bond from the clutch you choose. All candidates who do not bond in their requested clutch will be placed in the next available clutch unless otherwise requested. (Your candidates are free to leave if they don't get what they want, you just need to contact me so I know to take them off the board.)

5. Candidates may not stand at more than one location at a time. Please check with me if your candidate already has a dragon but would like to stand for another or if your character bonded a dragon here and would like to bond another elsewhere. In rare cases this may be possible.

6. All updates will be found on the site or at the Nexus Forum. If you do not keep tabs on the website or the forum you will likely miss your dragon and risk having it abandoned. (I am usually very lenient on abandonings, but please do not tempt me to take your dragon back.)

7. These rules are subject to change at any time and I reserve the right to refuse any candidate for any reason. These rules are also subject to negotiation. Anyone willing to 'make a case' for why their candidate should not be restricted by these rules is welcome to e-mail me with their legitimate arguments.

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