The Lodge

The Lodge is just what it sounds like: a large ski lodge located in the Hanaisa Mountains of Kilandaia. Originally planned to serve as a ski-resort for Kilandaians of all types it was converted to a dragonry of sorts after the founders found themselves with a pregnant dragoness they needed to support and house. Construction plans began to change when the idea was proposed that they turn the entire complex into a new dragonry. Much discussion ensued but in the end the idea was determined a good one! So now, while the exterior still looks like a very large ski lodge, the interior is filled with wide hallways and rooms of every size for accomodating visitors of every size. Despite its conversion to a dragonry, Mykha, the fearless leader who keeps the whole place glued together, still takes at least one day a week off when the weather is right and leads a party of adventurers out onto the mountain for a day of breath-taking views and hair-raising capers on the slopes.

There are three Hatching Chambers available and the Lodge will allow up to three dragonesses to sign up to fly and clutch on the premises. Candidates are welcomed with open arms except for a few private clutches that take place by invitation only. If you're smart enough and you heed the rumors that travel around the Lodge like wildfire you may even catch news of the 'secret' Kilandaian room where it is rumored Kilandaian dragons will come to allow their children to bond. These events are kept very quiet though and only the best of candidates are informed if kits are available.