Kilandaian Dragon Bonding Project

With the arrival of other dragons to Kilandaia came much excitement and confusion in Kilandaian dragon society. The Diety dragons were primarily angry that these dragons had snuck onto the planet without announcing themselves but the other dragon races were more excited than anything else. Little is known of exactly how the other races came to the conclusion they did, or how they got the courage to stand against the diety dragons, but what is known is that most of the Kilandaian dragon races agreed that bonding to other than a spouse posed an interesting option.

So it was that Mykha found herself presented with a delegation of Kilandaian dragons shortly after the opening of The Lodge. They explained, with many furtive glances and worried looks exchanged between them, that they felt the Diety dragons had grown too powerful and they wanted their children to have the choice to live outside the oppression imposed on them. They wanted their children to be given the option to bond.

Mykha could hardly turn them away and so she set up a program that the kits could sign up for once they were old enough to make that decision and when an appropriate hopeful showed up she would gently nudge them away from the more public clutches and introduce them to the young Kilandaians.

Kilandaian Bonders
Females Males
Name Race Colour Name Race Colour
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Rules are the same as for The Lodge with the exception that you must have a story if you wish to bond a Kilandaian dragon. Also, Kilandaians will bond as the kits find their desired bond, not necessarily in large groups. If you wish to RP your character meeting the kits (and thereby have a little more control over how your character ends up bonding) please specify that in the Comments section of your form.