Kilandaian Dragons

All Kilandaian creatures have magic to some extent or another and the Dragons are no exception. Most Kilandaian dragons have spell magic (with the exception of a few that will be discussed individually). In their youth they are taught to use their magical powers and they grow in strength and ability throughout their lives.

Life Cycle
Most of the species are live-born and will usually spend at least a year with their parents to learn important spells and skills to survive on their own. After this time they may choose to bond or associate themselves with someone who is willing to care for them until they are fully matured. Kilandaian dragons usually reach physical maturity around the age of five, but will often take another five years to reach mental/emotional maturity as like humans their bodies develop more rapidly than their minds!

Life Mates/Marriage/Bonding
Kilandaian dragons do not need to bond. Some of them will choose to as bonding is actually a big part of their society. Kilandaian dragons are as varied in their attitudes towards mating for life as humans are. Some never settle down, always looking for new, more interesting mates, while others will find a life mate that they wish to spend their life with. In the latter case there are three options for the mates and the decision is usually left to the female of the species. Many life mates remain just that, knowing that they will be together regardless of ties. Others find the security of a marriage more to their liking and will take their vows before a Deity priest. Others feel there is no better way to express their love than to bond and share a mental connection on top of their emotional one. These dragons usually go through a marriage ceremony and as part of the ceremony they weave their magic together to bond them for life. Bonded couples enjoy the perk of always knowing whether their bond is safe, healthy, and most importantly, alive, as well as being aware of their thoughts and/or emotional state if they are on the same planet.

Last Names
Most of the major breeds of Kilandaian dragon have last names. When a Kilandaian dragon takes a life mate they will keep their last name. When they get married the female will generally hyphenate her last name with her husband's. So a Dasamito female who marries a Forava would then have the last name Dasamito-Forava, but any offspring from that union would generally take the father's last name. A female who bonds her husband usually gives up her last name in favor of her husband's.

On top of being talented magic users all Kilandaians have some rudimentary psionics and can speak telepathically though this ability is strongest with their bond. All Kilandaian dragons (with the exception of one unique species) can speak aloud. All Kilandaian dragons have access to spells of transportation but cannot teleport.
Along with Abilities it is important to mention Shifting. Kilandaian dragons are not shifters, however, an oddity in their genetics assures that if they mate with a shifter their children are guaranteed to be shifters! There is a great deal of theory behind this which more or less boils down to two basic ideas: at one point in time the Kilandaian dragons could shift, but have since lost or forgotten the ability. That is to say, either shapeshifting became a less-than-desirable trait and 'mutations' formed in such a way that the ability bred out, but it was still somehow a part of their genetic make-up; or over the years they simply stopped shifting and there isn't a dragon alive now that knows/remembers how it was done. The latter of these theories is not widely accepted however, as Deity dragons are immortal and have long memories it is unlikely that the ability could be forgotten.
There is much debate over this topic but no conclusions are ever drawn. If you listen in the right places though it is whispered that the Deity dragons know the truth behind the Kilandaians' inability to shift. Deity dragons guard their secrets closely though and none yet has managed to gain their confidence.