Below is a chart listing open flights, and below that a list of prospective risers who wish to take the air once the current flights are flown. If you have a female who would like to rise/run here or a male who would like to chase please read the rules linked at the bottom of the page and fill out the appropriate form.

Dragon: Anakelsa Talake
Rider: None
Breed: Pastel Red-Blue Asandus/Avyndal Hybrid
Information: Please read Anakelsa's story before submitting a suitor!
Status: Open
Fideso Promontores
Euphuisatic Mei'Keromazon

Dragon: Diorul
Gender: Male
Breed: Atuan Mutt/Hathian Mix
Information: Diorul is looking for female chasers!
Status: Open
Nalina-ver Li'Multigenus
Albino Peace
Child of the Black Star

Flight Rules