Diety Dragons


The Diety Dragons of Kilandaia are the most powerful of all the dragons and therefore make up the primary force behind the ruling body of dragon society. The Dragon Council is always led by the most powerful Diety Dragon and generally has at least three Diety dragon members. The other dragon races can only elect one member to the council, so this should give you an idea of how powerful the Diety dragons are in ruling Kilandaia!


Diety dragons are the most varied in appearance of all Kilandaian dragons. There is no standard for their appearance. There are many theories as to why this is, but as Diety dragons are very secretive no one has ever learned the true reason. It is speculated that the Diety dragons once used their magic to tamper with their young in the womb in order to make themselves more distinguished from the other dragon races as there doesn't seem to be an evolutionary reason why some of the Diety dragons have more than the draconic standard 6 limbs, or multiple eyes and horns. Fortunately no Diety dragon has yet been born with multiple heads, but all other features are highly interchangeable. The only features that all Diety dragons share is that they are all at least vaguely serpentine and long-bodied, and they all have at least one pair of long 'whiskers' hanging from their nose. The whiskers are actually composed of cartilage joints and muscle so their are completely animate, though you will seldom see a Diety dragon gesturing with their whiskers as that is considered inappropriate for public display and should be reserved for more intimate audiences.


Just like any other dragon species, Diety dragon personalities can vary greatly, but a majority of Diety dragons are rather pompous and power-hungry. They share power willingly within their race but have been known to readily withhold power from those they consider to be inferior. Diety dragons consider themselves above all other creatures and they especially despise humans as humans are not native to Kilandaia.


Diety dragons are much like other Kilandaian dragons in that some will choose to mate for life while some will not. Diety dragons, however, are more driven by pheremones than other dragons. All Kilandaian dragons have large pheremone receptors in their nasal cavity, but Diety dragons have larger recepters than the other dragon races. This causes them to be more susceptible to mating urges. At the same time their society has strict rules about interracial breeding. Diety dragons /may not/ breed outside their race unless they obtain the permission of the Council. This is not the same as the Dragon Council, as Diety dragons have their own Council to govern just their race. Generally the Council is highly opposed to any interracial breeding and though there are provisions for requesting permission no known cases of permission being granted are yet recorded.